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Blue Print for a New Ecommerce Business

Bigcommerce is a hosted, fully managed ecommerce platform that makes it possible for users to launch an online store in a matter of minutes. Its features include: a full e-commerce platform, built-in marketing tools, search engine optimized online store, business intelligence information, easy customization, and others. After signing up, you can select a store design and pick out shipping and billing preferences. Then, add or upload your products to your site and make them easily available for your customers.

Many owners of Bigcommerce stores these days are faced with the daunting task of getting more customers and increasing online awareness. The ease of setting up online stores today has basically made the competition tighter and the online marketplace a lot tougher to conquer. Even so, there are a number of ways to gain a foothold in a seemingly saturated market. Below are ten methods that Bigcommerce store owners can implement in order to succeed in their online marketing efforts.

1. Run an affiliate program.

COLUMBIA, Md.–Getting started overview videos for the Omnistar Affiliate software are now available on any iTunes-ready device, Omnistar Interactive announced recently. There are currently four getting started videos for Omnistar’s affiliate marketing software available as podcast downloads in iTunes. Any iPhone, iPod or iPad user who is able to access iTunes will be able to stream the videos or download them for later viewing. Subscribers to the Omnistar Affiliate podcast channel will automatically receive new video updates as soon as they become available.

Follow the link below to access the Omnistar Affiliate podcast page:

Omnistar Affiliate Podcasts

COLUMBIA, Md. — Version 6.1 of the Omnistar Affiliate Software is now available for download and purchase, Omnistar Interactive CEO Arlen Robinson announced recently. The current version of the software has been redesigned to reflect current web design standards and practices as well as to streamline the getting started process for new users.

The first thing existing users will notice about Omnistar Affiliate is the layout change on the home page. No information or areas have been removed from the previous layout, but rather the information has been reorganized into, what the company feels is, a cleaner, more intuitive layout. A video walkthrough section has also been added to the home page in order to give users the direction they need to successfully use the software.

Omnistar Interactive is proud to announce the debut of a new look for its Omnistar Etools product suite at www.omnistaretools.com. The launch is the fifth for Omnistar Interactive after www.osiaffiliate.com premiered the redesigned format in the beginning of June. Omnistar’s other sites are set to launch with the same new look in the coming weeks and months.

The company has striven to create a more user-friendly internet home and has heavily integrated video content in the form of how-to and overview clips. The increased popularity of widescreen monitors has also played a part in the design of the site, as it exhibits a multi-column format. The increased screen space makes for a more visually-pleasing layout and also increases the amount of information contained on the active screen, eliminating the need for scrolling on many pages.

Best Web Sites To Get Design Traffic

Posted in Webmasters | February 10th, 2010

1. Fuel Your Creativity
If you need some inspiration, Fuel Your Creativity is the right place. With articles and links they keep you informed how creatives like you get things done.

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2. 2Experts Design
2experts Design is a blog that provides resources like graphic design, logo design, web design, advertising, branding and lots of other stuff.

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