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Free Templates Providers

Posted by admin | No Comments | December 11th, 2007

Free Template Providers

So today I came across a great site I wanted to share with all of you: FreeTemplatesProviders.com. They have a number of links up on their site for pages that provide free templates for download. I happen to like this sort of thing, as it certainly makes my day a whole lot easier when I have a good template to work from. (c:

Another site you might want to sneak a glance at for free website templates (if you’re as into this stuff as I am, of course) is FindMyTemplates.com. They have a number of good templates available for download, too.

BREAKING: Google announces war on subdomains

Posted by admin | No Comments | December 7th, 2007

At pubcon, Matt Cutts of Google just announced that they will start limiting search results to two subdomains for any one web search. This is a drastic revision, and may very well affect your site, possibly very negatively. Thankfully, the announcement specifically stated that the changes would be rolled out only in the next couple of weeks, so you still have time to prepare.

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