Review is a great way for a site with relatively high traffic to increase visitor retention and enhance the user experience. The site serves up server side applications that you can use to develop a series of robust social networking resources for your site. This is the key to the success they have had, harnessing the visitors you already have by letting them network with each other. By connecting your customers, serving them content, and letting them communicate, you are going to create a community that attracts new visitors, leads current visitors to staying on the site longer, and which collects important information your advertisers want to know.

This is the important benefit of a social network, it allows you to target your advertising without constantly asking your customers to provide you with their information. The other services provided by the software, such as a steaming video player, widgets, and the ability for users to generate content, all provide entertainment for your visitors without requiring you to do anything besides what you are already doing. Once your visitors are communicating you can just sit back and watch your network grow. Obviously, the software’s ability to network with advertisers is its most invaluable selling point, as it provides revenue beyond what you are already getting from your site, all thanks to KickApps!

Their services are an invaluable way for anyone running a website to develop their own social network. You can even start using their software for free, as they have an offering that charges you a portion of the advertising revenue and pays you the rest. That means there’s no reason NOT to try it out.

Posted by Ian Logsdon.
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  1. Comment From David Hertog

    Thanks for the great post. To clarify our business model, you can use the whole platform for free if you don’t mind sharing the advertising inventory with us on the pages we host. We find that this is much more efficient than a revenue share model that would require our customers to cut us checks and have to wait for us to do the same.

    For those customers who don’t want to share the inventory with us, then you can buy full control of the ad blocks from us at a reasonable CPM. Either way, there are no set up, bandwidth, or hidden costs. For more info, check out this video we put together on pricing…

    Again, thanks for the mention.


  2. Comment From brian cartwright

    Please call me Tuesday morning. I am considering Kickapps for use within a national magazine launch. I have concerns about limited file sizes for video uploads and Drupal integration. I would like to integrate Omnistar as well. Please text message me first at 248 935 4915. Thank you.

    Brian Cartwright

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