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New domain name extensions and domain name squatting

Posted by admin | No Comments | December 31st, 2008

Over the course of the next year, ICANN, the board responsible for determining how the internet grows, is going to be introducing a broad variety of new domain name extensions, giving access to new top level domains beyond the common .com, .net, .org, etc. While previous expansions have occured, the new changes are guaranteed to offer an exceedingly large number of domains that previously were not on the market. While at first this seems like a gift to domain name squatters, looking to make money off big companies that want to protect their brand name. This isn’t guaranteed however, and with the sheer number of domains becoming available, it seems almost impossible that there will be any future in domain name squatting.

Deciding on your advertising

Posted by admin | No Comments | December 17th, 2008

Advertising is essential to building an effective and profitable website. If you aren’t selling something, you’ll need to have ads, its one of the few ways to monetize a site. Developing your website’s advertising is a complicated process, because there are a number of ways to advertise on your site, from affiliate programs to Google and Microsoft’s advertising. Choosing and configuring your advertising are both difficult choices, but this article is more about how you can integrate ads into your site without causing distraction. It will take some revisions to get your advertising down pat, so don’t be worried if it takes some practice before your advertising starts to pay off.

Using Online tools to detect malware

Posted by admin | No Comments | December 9th, 2008

When running a web site, it is important to realize that malware can ruin a site’s reputation, harm your long time and new customers, and generally make your site a problem. Because of this, a number of major web service providers have jumped on the bandwagon of providing services for webmasters that want to ensure their site is free of malware, and clean it up if any malicious code is found. Yahoo!, Google, and Microsoft all have entries in this market with different capabilities.

SEO Optimization and PDFs

Posted by admin | One Comment | December 1st, 2008

When running a website, its extremely important to maintain a large amount of optimized content on your site. If you offer a large number of PDF files on your site, that content is being read, but it isn’t providing you the same amount of benefit as a well formatted HTML page. Getting a PDF file search engine optimized is yet another way that you can take advantage of content you already have on your site to bring higher page rank. Setting this up simply requires a little bit of editing.

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