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Advertising is essential to building an effective and profitable website. If you aren’t selling something, you’ll need to have ads, its one of the few ways to monetize a site. Developing your website’s advertising is a complicated process, because there are a number of ways to advertise on your site, from affiliate programs to Google and Microsoft’s advertising. Choosing and configuring your advertising are both difficult choices, but this article is more about how you can integrate ads into your site without causing distraction. It will take some revisions to get your advertising down pat, so don’t be worried if it takes some practice before your advertising starts to pay off.

The first choice you should make is the amount of advertising you would like to use. It is important to maintain a large amount of content per ad, as your customers are unlikely to want to read through a large amount of advertising. How much is, of course, dependant on how you advertise. For text ads, you can use ads both on the sidebar of your site, the bottom of your site, and within the content of your article. If you use ads both on the side and bottom, you can use a minimal amount within the text of your page itself. As a rule, try to stick to about 20% of a page’s content being ads, this prevents your readers from being overwhelmed.

Using affiliate programs allows you to forward users to purchases they might want to make. Often these come with some sort of syndicated ad, and give you the opportunity to write a review. This means you can have both content and ad revenue generated by such a page. This strategy is also useful for combining different advertising strategies on your site. You can use text ads as well as an affiliate ad on a specific page.

Varying the ads you offer is also important, because if your site is full of identical advertising you will not benefit by spreading advertising around. By using multiple dfferent ads, even through the same service, you will be much more likely to build a more effective advertising system. Along with this, you must make the choice between text based and image based advertising. This decision really has to do with where the ads will be placed. In line advertising is more effective if the ad is text based, but sidebar and footer ads are often better when they are a graphic. Of course, a clever webmaster will find a way to use both on their site. It is not adviseable, however, to use flash based ads that will distract from your sites content.

Finding the right location for your ads is essential, so try different strategies for advertising. Pop-up ads should be avoided, because the spread of pop-up blockers, and the fact that many visitors are offended by pop-up ads. As you try out different ads and services, keep track of what approaches make you money and what works most effectively. As your advertising develops, you will have the capacity to build an excellent revenue system.

Posted by Ian Logsdon.
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