MySpace and Twitter – The Two-way Connection

MySpace, following in the footsteps of rival social networking sight, Face Book, has finally instituted a two-way sync between its site and Twitter. Users of MySpace are now able to update their Twitter status via MySpace and vice versa. This is done through the use of OAuth, an open protocol which allows secure API authorizations between desktop and web applications.

Just as with Face book, users status updates in twitter will show up as “From MySpace”. When users update their twitter status from a mobile device, or from the Twitter website, their update will show in the data stream (blog post) on their MySpace page.

Users have the ability to set whether or not updates are received in either direction or only one way. AOL has also grown fond of tweeting and users of its AIM software are able to update their status both ways.

Many have begun to speculate whether or not the next step will be for MySpace to allow Facebook updates to show up on its site and vice versa. Given the fierce competition between these two social networking sites, I personally believe that it will be some time before we see one site’s logo on the other.

Posted By Lewis Van Tassel
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  1. Comment From Jeff Marshall

    Sounds great.
    Now people can see my tweets from my Myspace page.
    Double traffic for a single tweet.
    Saves a lot of time too.

  2. Comment From Dorothy White

    Twitter is going all the way to the top. It is like every social site is merging with it. First Facebook then Myspace. Looking forward to hear more good news from Facebook and Myspace.

  3. Comment From James Campbell

    Myspace is taking the right step syncing with twitter. But I am afraid if my Myspace page will be overflown with tweets. Anyway I am syncing it now itself. Cannot wait to watch how these two work together.
    And good work Lewis, keep posting.

  4. Comment From Michael Thomas

    AOL, Myspace, AIM, Facebook everything under Twitter. Its really amazing. Now all you need to do is tweet regularly and everything else gets updated. It is really helpful saving lots and lots of time. Now you get the work for three hours done in just a single hour. Isn’t that awesome?

  5. Comment From Maria Turner

    Any extra traffic is always welcome. Sync Myspace and Facebook with Twitter – keep tweeting and wait for the magic. Thanks to all social networks. Way to go Twitter.
    Thanks Lewis


  6. Comment From Steven Rodriguez

    Good decision by Myspace. With this feature it can reduce people switching to Facebook, which is already synced with Twitter.
    But I am afraid Myspace will lose opensociality syncing with twitter.

  7. Comment From Susan Baker

    That is cool. So sync myspace with twitter and twitter with facebook and just tweet – all the three will get updated. That is really helpful. I am really excited.
    Thanks for the information mate.

  8. Comment From Justin

    Waiting for Facebook to join the game.
    Then we just need to concentrate on any one network.
    As Jeff said it saves a lot of time and increase our Traffic.
    Thanks to Twitter and Myspace.

  9. Comment From Alex Davis

    That is great news.
    Have been using twitter for the past two months.
    Sure going to signup Myspace today itself.
    Finally getting a grip on web marketing’s new techniques.
    Thanks for the post.

    Alex Davis

  10. Comment From Donald Young

    Hi Lewis

    Synced twitter with Myspace. It is working well.
    Now I get all tweets in my Myspace account.
    Great way to stay connected to those using twitter with no Myspace accounts.
    Thanks for the information.

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