Google Teams Up With Firefox v3.5

Have you ever been chatting with a friend on Facebook and had them throw a foreign phrase at you? They’re so smart aren’t they? Well…thanks to Google, you can throw smart right back at them. Firefox v3.5 has teamed up with Google in the area of machine translation. Essentially, you’ll be able to type that foreign phrase into Google’s new toolbar and get an instant translation. Not only that, Google takes it a step further, offering you suggestions of websites and sponsored links it considers relevant to your search.

Google’s new toolbar, which is synced with the Private Browsing mode of Firefox v3.5, will allow you to search without keeping records of your activity. In addition, it disables PageRank, Web History, and Sidewiki.

Google introduced Sidewiki last week, as its newest web annotation system that, coupled with the new translation capability, means more power for web-users who like to voice their opinions. Sidewiki lets web-users comment on whole pages on the web, or on a specific line or more of text, and then share the link to their comment with the world via email, Twitter, Facebook, or any number of other social networking sites. Users will be able to vote up or down on posted comments, and the more up votes a comment receives, the more it is seen. Add the language translation component to Sidewiki, and users are now able to comment on pages that they would have even been able to read previously.

Posted By Lewis Van Tassel
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  1. Comment From Kathryn Brown

    I have been using Google Chrome’s Incognito for browsing off records. Firefox’s private browsing mode was not good enough. But with these features in Firefox guess will start using it again. Thanks.

  2. Comment From Albert Thomson

    Hi Lewis

    Sidewiki sounds really useful. It was difficult to share comments about a page with my friends. Also the translation feature within the browser is cool. Saves time in opening the Google translate page and pasting the comments to get the results.

  3. Comment From Williams Herbert

    Firefox just gets better and better.
    The new Google toolbar sounds cool.
    I am worried with the Sidewiki application.
    Won’t everyone see the comments.
    So people can just use them to post just anything.

  4. Comment From Martin Taylor

    Thanks to Google and Firefox.
    Google , Firefox, Sidewiki and translation – What else could be the best combination. And the part I love the most is tweeting the comment right away. This is perfect.
    Thanks for the information Lewis.

  5. Comment From Paul Sheil

    I\’ve already added the toolbar in my firefox.
    Great tool if you\’ve friends from other countries chatting to you in their language. Private Browsing mode is same as Chromes Incognito window. Started using Sidewiki lately. Too soon to comment on it.

  6. Comment From Jason Hall

    Hi Lewis,

    It is great to know that companies like Google are still interested in making extensions for Firefox when they own their own browsers. This shows Firefox’s popularity among people. Firefox rules !!!

  7. Comment From Kenneth

    Google’s Translation toolbar is undoubtedly meeting the standards. Appreciating google on their new development. Integrated with Firefox it is even easier to use the tool while chatting with clients. Hats off to Google.

  8. Comment From Carol

    Google teamed up with Firefox first before adding extensions to Chrome? That is a surprise. Is it because the application is on its beta? Anyways in my opinion Firefox is far more better than Chrome. So another addon to it makes one more reason to love it.

  9. Comment From David Ramirez

    Hi Lewis,

    Good to know that Google stay right on top with its new applications. Sidewiki is amazing. Receiving tweets from a lot of friends with links their comments. As far as Firefox is concerned it has been improving since its release from 2004.

  10. Comment From Richard King

    Google’s new toolbar is a good tool. But as far as Sidewiki is considered, it is sure going to make a big difference because your rivals can post anything about your website and other people are going to read it. So commenting is not private anymore. Although there are options to rate the comments I guess it is not going to work at all.

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