4 Marketing Strategies for Bigcommerce Stores

Blue Print for a New Ecommerce Business

Bigcommerce is a hosted, fully managed ecommerce platform that makes it possible for users to launch an online store in a matter of minutes. Its features include: a full e-commerce platform, built-in marketing tools, search engine optimized online store, business intelligence information, easy customization, and others. After signing up, you can select a store design and pick out shipping and billing preferences. Then, add or upload your products to your site and make them easily available for your customers.

Using Bigcommerce offers a range of benefits which include: no hosting to buy, no servers to set up, and no backups and upgrades to worry about. In addition, Bigcommerce does not require a contract to sign and cancellations can be processed any time. The platform also provides a host of marketing techniques that help online stores to sell better and to sell more with less effort.

When it comes Bigcommerce Marketing, there are several different ways to do it and all of these are aimed at increasing traffic and sales. Below are four of many effective ways to market your Bigcommerce store.

1) Adhere to SEO best practices.
SEO remains a powerful marketing strategy that should be implemented well. When using the Bigcommerce platform for SEO purposes, the fundamental process includes the following critical steps: doing keyword research; providing complete details for products; writing compelling content; entering details for the page title, meta keywords, meta description, and search keywords on the Bigcommerce store and category page.

2) Promote your e-commerce store at different platforms.
Selling products online is great, but being able to advertise it on a variety of platforms is exceptional. These platfoms include sites like Facebook, eBay and Google Shopping. Bigcommerce provides the tools you need to be able to have your products listed in a short span of time using free applications and inserting basic details about your Facebook and eBay accounts.

3) Use Google Shopping Campaign.
The Shopping Campaign from search engine giant Google is designed to assist web merchants to connect with consumers and market their products online. It is a new campaign type for Product Listing Ads (PLAs) that simplifies the process of managing and bidding on products, reporting on business performance, and seeking opportunities to enhance traffic to the business website. Google Shopping is a PPC strategy beneficial for companies with an e-commerce component. And because Google Shopping results use images, they can gain more attention than text ads. Plus, these results often send searchers straight to product listings, helping to improve conversion rates.

4) Invest in the Success Squad.
The Success Squad is a team of e-commerce experts who work exclusively to help online business owners become successful in their trade. The team has not only helped clients launch stores 50% faster; sales have also more than doubled after personalized coaching from the experts and targeted sessions with them. Sessions include increasing traffic through SEO, social media planning and best practices, improving conversion rates, integrating applications like live chat and email marketing, as well as marketing strategies and tactics that include SEO, PPC and social selling.

These are just some of the many ways to pull in more traffic and get more customers to spend their money on your Bigcommerce store. Depending on your preference, you should decide with prudence as to what paid marketing strategy to use. Should you opt for free ones, make sure to plan everything carefully so as not to waste time on methods that may be less than effective for your unique situation.

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