5 Strategies to Get More Sales for Your Store

Maintaining an online store is not an easy feat. You need to have the right audience, product, traffic, and engagement to ensure that your site has staying power. Without a good plan, it’ll be hard to compete in your niche let alone in the major playing field. Luckily, there are different outlets that can help you stay afloat and dominate your own region. There are multiple ways to help get sales to your site. Look below to follow some strategies to help you monetize your store better.

Test a Few Products on Your Site

While you may have a wide range of products on your page, this might be the problem. Why? There’s no focus on a select few so it makes the buying decision a lot harder. That’s not to say that diversity is a bad thing. However, you should place a few products in the focal position. This way you can actually test them out and see what results come up. If you find these products sell very well, maybe you need those products as your focus group. These can be your staple products that get you the most sales. Also, this will help you realize what out of your inventory can you disregard or keep online. You can push the other products through emails, promotions, and special causes.

Upsell Your Product Through Promotion

One of the best things to do after someone’s bought an item is to do some upselling. Remember, it’s a lot easier to get a person that bought something interested in buying more. Marketing to a new prospect is a lot harder. When someone buys something from you, it’s your job to follow up. Look at what the person purchased and find out something that coincides. Maybe if they bought a t-shirt, there’s a vest or scarf that goes with the ensemble. This is important because the small details count. Instead of getting one single buy, you build into multiple sales. This creates a longer lasting relationship and interest level than just going to the next one who may have no desire to buy anything in the first place.

Whether you have a coupon off the next purchase, a buy one/get one free, or spend $40 and get shipping free promotion –these are all great ways to help boost your sales and keep the flow going without being too invasive. You have to strike the iron while it’s hot so things don’t get cold when you have their attention.

Ask Them What They Prefer

Even if you have a great variety, that doesn’t always guarantee a sale. Let’s say you have some shirts for sell in specific colors, you can have your customers or prospects vote to see which one they like the best. This will help you reduce your inventory costs and keep your customers in the loop of what items they can purchase. Remember, you have to give the customers what they value. If they like a doggy shirt in red for Christmas, don’t fight their rhythm because you personally like the orange one best. There’s always a compromise so you can meet in the middle. The more engaged and more you personally ask what they want, the better off you are in predicting things they like best on direct data. This gives you an idea of how to diversify your items in a way that’s not an empty trial and error method.

Post More Content

All of your content doesn’t have to be directly tied into gaining sale. You might want to keep a blog or a social media site updated so that you can engage with others. Maybe you have a charity or there’s an issue that you support. People like the human factor of your brand. When they see you might have the same interests they care about, it’s a lot easier to get on board with what you have to say. Diversify it with funny blurbs of the day, vlogs, and more to build traction to your site. You can always promote your links and even wear or do product placement to get major views outside of just your site. This is a subtle but effective way of marketing your brand. It’ll also help with sales because the retention rate is a lot higher. You’re in a place where everything doesn’t have to be so dry and to the book. Use your creative outlet to your advantage to give value, to provide a laugh, or some kind of emotional connection for the day.

Post Up Personal Reviews of Your Site

There’s no better promotion than the experience of someone else’s. If you have  Facebook page, Yelp, or some other review site, this can help your business. Sometimes even the negative experiences can be positive. Let’s say something didn’t work out and a person writes a bad review of the customer experience. However, you tried to compromise and show care. The person could write an update of how you handled the situation and tried to make it better. Not every transaction is going to be perfect. This shows some character. It’s a good idea and it’ll give prospective clients a look into the integrity of your business. Trust is everything.

When you start building more positive reviews, it does wonders for your reputation. This is a great asset to your business because you want this feedback to essentially promote your brand. The people that wanted to find out more can see how you take care of customers even when things aren’t squeaky clean. This will help you build more longevity in traffic and sales for your brand.

It can be an uphill battle for most to sustain a business online. However, there are tools and strategies to make this doable. Be creative in how you engage with your customers and make them aware of your presence without being too invasive. What are some tactics you use to increase your sales? Comment below with a strategy that helps you bring in more revenue.

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