What is Referral Marketing?

Referral marketing is a form of brand advocacy that allows supporters to really promote your products and services to those close to them. It’s a good way to reach different customers, employees, and partners more organically. This is much better than marketing directly from the company because the key is in trust. The referral comes from family, co-workers, and close friends. Since there’s already a bond there, it’s a lot… Continue reading

5 Best Google Chrome Apps to Get More eCommerce Sales

Having the right apps in place can help you in your ecommerce marketing. Technology is a great asset especially when you can use it on different platforms from your mobile device and desktop. Chrome is great for its extensions to help you really get more functionally and value out of your browser. If you are still having some issues with your ecommerce store, here are 5 of the best Google… Continue reading

5 Best eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WordPress still continues to be a great platform to run an ecommerce store let alone a website. The ease of use and compatibility with different software makes it an asset for the average user who may not be so technically inclined. When it comes to ecommerce, you want a page that not only has great products but provides an experience that will allow users to truly get the most out… Continue reading

5 Strategies to Get More Sales for Your Store

Maintaining an online store is not an easy feat. You need to have the right audience, product, traffic, and engagement to ensure that your site has staying power. Without a good plan, it’ll be hard to compete in your niche let alone in the major playing field. Luckily, there are different outlets that can help you stay afloat and dominate your own region. There are multiple ways to help get… Continue reading

Referral Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Referral marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective methods of attracting relevant customers to your eCommerce website or SaaS business. ‘But if it’s the most effective method why aren’t more internet marketers using it?’ you might ask. The truth is that people are lazy. They’d rather pay some money on ads in hopes that they will not have to move a finger. It doesn’t work that way with referrals.… Continue reading

4 Marketing Strategies for Bigcommerce Stores

Bigcommerce is a hosted, fully managed ecommerce platform that makes it possible for users to launch an online store in a matter of minutes. Its features include: a full e-commerce platform, built-in marketing tools, search engine optimized online store, business intelligence information, easy customization, and others. After signing up, you can select a store design and pick out shipping and billing preferences. Then, add or upload your products to your… Continue reading