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Omnistar Releases Omnistar Live 7.0

Omnistar Interactive launches Omnistar Live 7.0. Omnistar Live includes a help desk, live chat, knowledgebase, document manager and troubleshooter. Version 7.0 includes a major re-write of the live chat component to use AJAX technology. Also, the navigation for the chat interface has a new design. In addition, Omnistar has made it easier for users to design the interface. The back-end interface has also been improved to make it easier for… Continue reading

Omnistar Mailer launches version 4.2

Omnistar Mailer launches version 4.2 which will allow you to create unlimited email list and send unlimited number of emails to your mailing list. Omnistar Mailer includes an easy to use html editor that allows users to create attractive html templates. In addition, users can use any software to create their own html page and send the html page to their subscribers. Finally Omnistar Mailer includes powerful statistics modules that… Continue reading

Key Word Density Tricks

This article will explain what keyword density is and why it is important. Key word density is the number of times your key word appears on a page. This is important to search engines because the search engines use this to help determine your placement. However, you do not want to over use a keyword in hopes of getting a higher ranking. Currently there is no strict rule or percentage… Continue reading