Form Building Simplified


Watch our overview video to understand why so many businesses are using Omnistar Forms to builder their online web forms.

How You Can use Omnistar Forms

Easily Create Professional Forms
Omnistar Form Builder makes it easy to create professional HTML Form Builder with no technical expertise. Our web form software allows you to create Form Builder with unlimited fields and stores the information in a protected backend interface.

Provide Web Based Customer Support
The forms created with Omnistar forms can also be used to support your existing customers. Your customers can submit their support issues, so that you can review them and respond back in real time.

Communicate via Mass Emails
If you need to blast out an email to everyone that has submitted one of your forms you can easily do so. You will be able to create a simple text email or an attractive HTML email using one of our 19 customizable templates.

How Omnistar Solves Your Pain

Create forms with no technical team
Our form builder software is easy to use and does not require technical experience.
You don't have to install anything
Omnistar Forms is hosted on our server so you do not have to install anything on your server. Also, we manage backups, security, and upgrades.
No hidden fees or Long-term contracts
You will get the best web form builder at the best price we have to offer. Plus, you can cancel at anytime. No setup/termination fees either.

Top Benefits You Will Receive

You Will Increase Your Sales
You can easily increase your sales and revenue by using our web form builder software because you can easily send HTML emails to all the users who filled out your forms with our built-in email marketing function.

You Will Save Your Time
Omnistar Forms stores all the information collected in your forms in a protected backend interface. So, you can immediately market to your customers within the forms software or you can import your list to your email marketing application. This saves you time because everyting is located in one location.

You WIll Grow Your Business
Omnistar Web Form Builder Software will help you grow your business because it helps you collect valuable information from your visitors and customers that you can use to later market to them and drive traffic to your site. This will increase your sales and grow your business.

Get More Sales, Leads and Increase Revenue