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Award Winning Linux Hosting that You Can Trust

When it comes to hosting, you need the best of the best. Sure, you can get by even if you make a typo in your last advertisement, or even if you make a slight misstep on that first meeting with a client. When it gets down to it, people can be very forgiving of most mistakes. But when it comes to web hosting, the slightest error means that no one can even access your site, and on the web, that is the ultimate unforgivable sin. Your hosting is like your address, its how your customers visit you on the web. That’s why you need the best linux hosting you can get: Omnistar Hosting.

Omnistar Hosting is a Discount Web Hosting Plan

That’s right, even though we guarantee 99.9% server uptime with 24/7 technical support on call, we’re proud to announce that with Omnistar Hosting, you will pay less than what most linux hosting servers provide. Our top-tier redundant network is backed up daily and administrators are on call 24/7 to manage our servers, yet we still can afford to make Omnistar Hosting the discount web hosting plan of choice, simply because we have hundreds of satisfied customers across the globe. Just try finding another discount web hosting plan that includes our features.

We Integrate Frontpage Web Hosting & Much More

With Omnistar Hosting, you’re not just getting a great price and great service. You’re also getting top-notch functionality. We include PHP, MySQL, CGI integration, and Frontpage web hosting extensions are built in. Plus we offer secure server access and easy web based pop3/email alias accounts to all our customers. What more could you possibly want from a discount web hosting plan? How about a 30-day 100% money back guarantee? That’s right; try us out today, and if we don’t exceed your expectations of what a discount web hosting plan can do, then we’ll refund your money!
linux web hosting
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • PHP / MySQL / CGI Dynamic Integration
  • Secure Server Access Included
  • Easy Web Based Control Panel
  • Complete Web Based Mail Center
frontpage web hosting budget web hosting
  • Easily Private Label
  • Easy Setup
  • Getting Started Wizard
  • Totally Customizable User Area
  • Totally Customizable Admin Area
  • Installs on PHP / MySQL
  • Free Installation
  • Totally Web-based
  • Password Protected Backend
  • Manage up to 300,000 emails

Next Steps

To learn more about Omnistar Host, please read more. If you have further question then you can contact us via phone or email. Once you are ready to buy, then you can order via our secure online order form.