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Open Source Project Management Software

1. dotProject

A free Project Management application managed, maintained, developed and supported by a volunteer group and by the users themselves.

2. ProjectPier

Manage tasks, projects and teams through an intuitive web interface using this Free, Open-Source, self-hosted PHP application

3. Streber

A free wiki driven project management tool, for freelancers and small teams, written in PHP 5, to setup projects and keep track of tasks, issues, bugs, efforts etc.

4. WebCollab

An easy to use, collaborative web-based system to track multiple projects and innumerable small tasks across an organisation of any size.

5. TaskJuggler

A modern and powerful Open Source project management tool that assists you during project scoping, resource assignment, cost and revenue planing, risk and communication management.

6. Redmine

A cross-platform and cross-database, flexible project management web application, written using Ruby on Rails framework, maintained and built by community volunteers.

7. Project HQ

A fully database independent and collaborative open source project management tool built on open source technologies like Python, Pylons and SQLAlchemy to assist you in managing your projects.

8. Collabtive

A web-based project management software written in PHP and JavaScript, intended for small to medium-sized businesses and freelancers.

9. KForge

A free and open source project hosting software,with a flexible and robust project management and access control mechanism.

10. activeCollab

Develop your ideas into projects, divide them into a smaller steps and tasks, and share it with your associates using this project management and collaboration tool.