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Benefits Of The Omnistar Article

The Omnistar Article is a content management system which is easy to use and yet remarkably robust. The user-friendly advanced features even allow people from nontechnical backgrounds to customize and administer the product completely. The system has been adopted by thousands of webmasters, and numerous businesses have discovered the handiness of this tool.

Built-In Templates For Nontechnical Users

Thanks to its user-friendly features and built-in templates, even people with little technical knowledge can manage their websites. They can simply start with one of the templates, and the content manager will handle all the text and graphics. Even people from the content generation department can now update content with the help of the Omnistar Article, leaving your IT staff free to follow more important tasks.

Create Attractive Pages

Even if you do not know HTML, you can create beautiful pages using the robust system of the Omnistar Article. The WYSIWYG system allows anyone authorized to add content to the website. Even nontechnical people can use the Omnistar Article to create user-friendly and attractive pages and update their content with ease.

Produce Unlimited Number Of Pages

Not only can individuals create engaging pages, but there are also no limits on the number of pages that can be added through the Omnistar Article. Instead, you have the tool to create a site large enough to meet your requirements, and can even manage it from the backend of the Omnistar Article.

Multiple Users

An unlimited number of users can be authorized to access and change particular pages in the website. One or a few administrators can control the work of an unlimited number of users through the Omnistar Article. This ensures admin control, smooth operations, and limited access to the majority.

AJAX Features

The AJAX system allows instant updates as well as drag n drop features. This enhances the end-user experience and makes the software very attractive.

Controlled Timing

The software even offers timers that can be used for adding new content and deleting the ones that have expired. This feature is particularly useful for any business that wants to display something for a particular period and delete it afterward.

Advanced Features

The functionality of any page can be expanded by adding your own PHP codes. Experienced programmers can use this feature to improve the end-user experience and make your pages even more attractive for your customer.

Get Security And Instant Backup

The Omnistar Article ensures that you do not lose your content even when something gets corrupted or lost due to server problems. Data security is an important aspect of website management. The Omnistar Article’s backup system saves and restores data effectively. You do not lose sleep over server problems and its effect on your site if you have the Omnistar Article to back up your content.