Document Management Just Got Easier


Watch our overview video to understand why so many businesses are using Omnistar Drive to store and share their documents.

How You Can use Omnistar Drive

Upload/Download Multiple Files Without Concern About File Size
Now you can upload/download multiple files at once and not worry about the size of the document.

Email Large Attachments Without the Worry
If you have a document that is 10G and you need to get it to your users, you can use Omnistar Drive. When you email your users with Omnistar, they are sent a link where they can document your attachments. Since users are not going to be downloading attachments and clicking on a link, you can send large files.

Setup User Groups To Manage Thousands Of Users
Omnistar Drive has been setup to manage thousands of user by using user groups. Once you setup a user group, you can specify what folders your user group will have access to. Therefore, if you have one thousand users and you need to all of those users to have access to a certain folder, you can do it easily with Omnistar.

How Omnistar Solves Your Pain

Manage unlimited users easily
Omnistar Drive has the ability to add an unlimited number of users at no additional charge. You can also create user groups. A user group will allow you to modify multiple users at once.
You don't have to install anything
Omnistar Drive is hosted on our server so you do not have to install anything on your server. Also, we manage backups, security, and upgrades.
No hidden fees or Long-term contracts
You will get the best document management software at the best price we have to offer. Plus, you can cancel at anytime. No setup/termination fees either.

Top Benefits You Will Receive

You Will Increase Your Sales
The Omnistar Document Management Software keeps all your files in one central web based location and you will have access to it anytime. This will keep you well organized and the software is designed to be user friendly so you and your users can get to your information with minimal effort.

You Will Save Your Time
The Omnistar Document Management Software will give you the capability to easily distribute the most accurate and up-to-date documentation to your clients and users. Omnistar Drive will cut down on emails and phone calls, freeing up valuable time to focus on other projects and requests.

You WIll Grow Your Business
Omnistar Drive will give you, your clients and service partners a safe, encrypted, password-protected way to share information. The software is easily adapted for your business and it makes managing large file transfers easier. Now that the process of sharing documents is easier, you can focus your time to grow your business.

Get More Sales, Leads and Increase Revenue