Technology Partners

Omnistar Interactive has formed strategic partnerships with the following companies to provide our customers with the best services. We are constantly looking for like-minded companies whose products and services offer outstanding value to our customers. Listed below are companies that are committed to help our customers excel in their business.

Omnistar Interactive has partnered with McAfee Secure, the leader in website security to provide FREE PCI certification to all of its clients. At Omnistar we understand how important website security is, so we want to be able to provide our clients with the best security tools and certifications on the Internet. Through our partnership with McAfee Secure, all our clients will be able to receive a FREE PCI account which will them to have a FREE scan of their website and server, so that they may meet the Payment Card Industry (PCI ) - Data Security Standard.

Omnistar Interactive has partnered with to make it easy for Omnistar Mailer clients to send large amounts of email with our software. Through our relationship with we use their outsourced email servers as an option for clients to reliably send large volumes of email with the Omnistar Mailer software.

Parallels Company Logo

Omnistar Interactive partners with Parallels to offer the Omnistar Mailer product through the Parallels Plesk Control panel. This partnership gives parallels customers the opportunity to sell the powerful Omnistar Mailer email marketing solution to new markets all from within their current control panel interface. Through this new partnership Parallels will be able to offer Omnistar Mailer and many other solutions via SaaS which is described as software applications delivered over the Internet.

Omnistar has partnered Rackspace which is the leader in managed hosting. Through our partnership with Rackspace we are confident that the data center, physical plant and network infrastructure and security will allow our customers and partners to know their data is secure and protected. Rackspace has been a leader in the managed hosting industry for over a decade and servers over 14,000 customers in eight datacenters worldwide.