Knowledge Management Simplified


Watch our overview video to understand why so many businesses are using Omnistar Kbase to manage their knowledgebase.

How You Can use Omnistar Kbase

Create a Knowledgebase for your Company or your Customers
Omnistar Knowledge Management Software is a dynamic knowledgebase management system that allows you to create a repository of searchable and useful information for your staff and web site visitors. Current users have told us their support has been reduced by as much as 70% once they implemented Omnistar Knowledge Management Software.

Post Unlimited Articles
Omnistar Knowledge Management Software allows you to publish an unlimited number of articles to your knowledge base. The system does not place any limitations on your ability to publish articles because we know people use the database for many different purposes, often using it for both internal and public articles, articles on different products, etc.

Improve your SEO
Omnistar Knowledge Management Software is built to provide you with a powerful and effective FAQ system, allowing you to post informative articles that help your customers use your products better. Because the Knowledge Management Software stores valuable content on your server, we thought it would be important to provide you with the ability to optimize your articles for search engines. Now you can harness the extra content for your SEO needs.

How Omnistar Solves Your Pain

Knowledge Management made easy
You can easily manage and organize your knowledge articles and optionally password protect articles and folders with our knowledge management software.
You don't have to install anything
Omnistar Kbase is hosted on our server so you do not have to install anything on your server. Also, we manage backups, security, and upgrades.
No hidden fees or Long-term contracts
You will get the best knowledge management software at the best price we have to offer. Plus, you can cancel at anytime. No setup/termination fees either.

Top Benefits You Will Receive

3 Powerful Features in one application
Omnistar Kbase has a knowledge base, live chat, and help desk built into one system. What does this mean for you? It means that you will be able to provide real time live chat to answer questions to your customers, it means you will have a help desk system where customers can ask you questions and you can get back to them, it means you will have a knowledgebase to provide articles for your customers and staff. Omnistar kbase is a dynamic and powerful software that is designed to handle all your support needs for your customers.

You Will Save Your Time
Omnistar Kbase makes it easy for you to communicate with your customers. By providing a live chat, you will be able to answer your customers questions in real time. By providing a help desk your customers will have an easier way to submit questions to you and you will be able to get back to them easily. This organization provided by Omnistar Live saves you time because all your customer support is handled by only one help desk. You can use this saved time to tackle other issues and grow your business.

You WIll Grow Your Business
Omnistar Kbase makes it easy to grow your business. By providing customer support and handling all your support from one easily accessible help desk will save you time and build loyalty and trust among your customers. Your customers will know that you are the right fit for them and they will always use your service. Not only that, they will spread the word about you to their friends and family.

Get More Sales, Leads and Increase Revenue